April 20 Collaboration and Post Closing Update: MERS MIN, Detailed E-notary Data, and More

Posted April 22, 2020 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Check out these highlights for our April 20 update to Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing

The Mortgage Identification Number from MERS is now included on qualifying loans.

To improve e-recording match rates, we now include the Mortgage Identification Number (MIN) from MERS on loans where available. If the MIN is not populated based on loan creation, a lender may edit the field to include it under Loan Info. Settlement agents have read-only rights to that field.

The Mortgage Identification Number

You’ll now find more granular e-notarization data by jurisdiction.

We now include more specific e-notarization data by jurisdiction under Loan Info. You’ll see the following:

  • Face-to-face in-state
  • Face-to-face out-of-state
  • RON in-state
  • RON out-of-state
Loan Info

The default homepage for new users is now dynamic.

We changed the default homepage for those logging in for the first time. New users will either land on the Pre-Close page or Post-Close page depending on the subscriptions for their organization. The homepage default can be changed by going into My Settings, Personal Application Settings.

The settlement agent loan invitation email now includes loan identification.

Settlement agents will now see a masked loan number and borrower last name in the subject line and content of the loan invitation email. For example: xxxxxxxxx0346 (Jones). This secure identifier helps settlement agents know which loan is assigned to them.

Settlement agents are no longer required to include the Settlement File Number on an e-closing or post-closing loan.

We removed the requirement for a settlement agent to include the Settlement File Number on e-closing or post-closing loans. If the loan is just in Pre-closing Collaboration status, the field is required.


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