­­April 22 Collaboration and Post Closing Update: Page Count Comparison and Doc Attributes Expanded

Posted April 18, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Check out these highlights for our update to Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing. These changes should go live Monday evening, April 22.

Page count comparison now appears in more places.

The page count comparison now defaults to look at the Ink Signed Closing Package, if the Fully Executed Lender Package is also a Closing document type uploaded to the loan. In addition, we added the page count notification to the Closing tab for a Fully Executed Lender Package upload. This notification appears as red text and only if page counts don’t match.

Document Attributes added to document uploads with edit capabilities.

We added Document Attributes to document uploads with edit capabilities. This allows you to confirm or change any document settings as they go through the upload process.

More notifications added for notaries.

There are now additional notifications if a notary has not completed their setup or if they have not been assigned to a loan when launching the Docutech Solex or Simplifile notary portals. The notification either advises them they have not completed their seal and signature or it lets them know they are currently not assigned to the loan. In both cases, we guide the notary with a link to complete these tasks (if applicable).



Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update.

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