April 8 Collaboration and Post Closing Update: Improvements to Search, Filters, Attributes, and More

Posted April 05, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Check out these highlights for our update to Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing. These changes should go live Monday evening, April 8.

More search options added for notaries. 

Notary admins now have more search options available when finding an agent to assign loans. The new options include:

  • email
  • phone
  • title
  • username
  • full address information

We updated the Work Items filter for Needs Your Action and Pending Items.

The Work Items filter has been updated to include more specific detail for Needs Your Action and Pending Items. Users can now filter specifically by Documents to Upload (placeholders) or Documents to Review, as well as other granular data. Note that the unread messages filter is now part of these details.



Document Attributes are improved.

The Document Attributes display now includes only the attributes that have been set for a particular document. Attributes set to No do not show on the card view. When a document has all unknown attributes or all attributes are set to No we replaced the ? with the word Pre-Close. We also added a tool tip to show the user all the attributes if they hover over that area. 


Docutech redraws are improved.

We updated how we handle redraws from Docutech. If a redraw occurs, Simplifile assumes a full redraw has happened and places this version of documents as regular documents and not closing. The new package of documents is listed under the Closing tab. The previous package documents are still available under the All tab but no longer appear on the Closing tab. This helps eliminate any confusion between versions.


Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update.

Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. Have an idea? Check out the Community Forum button in the bottom left of your Simplifile. This is where our customers share ideas, vote on suggestions, and find out what we’re working on.