County Routing Changes for Resubmitted Documents

Posted July 18, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips, Updates

For counties who use Simplifile as a routing manager, we’ve added a few new features to make routing resubmitted documents simpler. In the past, submitters were sometimes confused when resubmitting a rejected document that had already been accepted by one or more offices in a multi-office recording workflow. To streamline this process, we added warnings to submitters before deleting an officially-stamped page that’s associated with an intermediate office charge.

For intermediate offices that do not want to see resubmitted documents, there’s a configuration setting to allow these documents to skip the review process. However, some offices still wanted to quickly review resubmitted documents. To aide in that, we now allow counties to configure resubmissions to only skip their office if the document itself has not been modified. Documents that have been modified will still be presented for review upon resubmission, but will be labeled with a Resubmission tag for easy review.

Contact Simplifile Support if you need help setting up any of these new routing features. Is your county accepting electronic documents via Simplifile? If not, learn more here or give us a call at 800.460.5657 to get started.