Feature Spotlight: Disclosures

Posted February 15, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips

The Disclosures page in Simplifile Collaboration is a secure area for lenders and settlement agents to collaborate on loan fees in one place. This ensures simple fee data sharing as well as clear communication and reconciliation without the need for printing, scanning, and email.

With our LOS integrations, you’ll avoid rekeying disclosure data into your systems.

Find fees quickly by using filters to view all, agent fees, net funds, or closing disclosure preview.

Use the Find/Add Fee on a Loan button to search for a fee on the page or a fee type you might want to add (the list of fees or types available are based on lender setup per loan).

If a new fee is added, a change is made to a fee, or a fee is removed, the other party must approve or reject the change. Green icons on the left show new fees, while colored status bars on the right show which actions need to be taken.


Any fees that are changed in Simplifile will not reflect on the LOS or TPS until approved by both parties. 

You can communicate on any specific fee by sending a message or uploading an invoice.


Administrators can set up templates for standard fees that can be used by anyone at the organization.


A draft closing disclosure preview can be printed, downloaded, and added to Documents for archive and reporting.


To learn more and get started with disclosures in Simplifile, click on the blue map icon next to Disclosures for a quick tour.


To get started with Simplifile Collaboration for Settlement Agents or for Lenders, call 800.460.5657 or sign up for a demonstration.