Feature Spotlight: Collaboration Icons

Posted April 15, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips

Here are some quick tips about the icons and alerts you'll see in Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing.

The  icon at the top of pages (Loans, Documents, Disclosures, etc.) launches a quick tutorial for that page. It’s useful when you’re just getting started or any time you want a refresher.

When viewing the Simplifile menu, remember:

  • ORANGE indicates items you need to review or complete.
  • BLUE indicates items the lender needs to review or complete.
  • A completed task’s orange indicator changes to blue pending lender approval.
When working in document collaboration, you’ll see the following icons:
  •  Settlement agent needs to add a document to Simplifile.

  •   The lender is waiting for the settlement agent to download and review the document.

  •   The lender needs to review and acknowledge or suggest changes to the document.
These are the Closing Disclosure Fee Collaboration Icons:
  •  Indicates an added fee.

  •  Indicates required information.

  •  Indicates a changed fee that you can edit.

  •  Click to view an item’s values before a proposed change.

  •  Indicates a proposed removal.

  •  Click to propose a removal.

  •   Click to accept an addition or change.

  •  Click to reject a proposed removal.

  •  Click to view an invoice. A blue icon indicates an invoice is already attached.

  •  Click to send a message to the lender. A blue icon indicates the lender has sent you a message.

  •  Click to set a Net Fee value for the fee.

When collaborating on fees you’ll see the following icons:

  •  The lender is waiting for the settlement agent to review the fees.

  •  The lender needs to review and acknowledge or suggest changes to the fees for the loan.

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