Feature Spotlight: Notifications

Posted March 15, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips

In Simplifile Collaboration, you decide which loan notifications you’d like to receive and how you receive them.

Navigate to Settings using the gear icon next to your username.


Select Notifications.

From here you can customize notifications for your whole organization or per user. Notifications can be sent via individual email, group email or appear within Simplifile with or without sound.

Choose to be alerted by email immediately when an action is taken or delayed. Immediate notification:

The delayed option sends a single summary email with all activity on the loan.

You decide which actions to be notified about, including specific document types and attributes.

You can choose from specific disclosure sections too.

Along with loan notifications, you can choose which Simplifile newsletters and product notices you’d like to receive.

Simplifile brings together settlement agents and lenders in a secure online environment to work on loan documents and disclosures. Never worry about errors and setbacks from miscommunication again.

To get started with Simplifile Collaboration for Settlement Agents or for Lenders, call 800.460.5657 or sign up for a demonstration.