Feb. 19 Collaboration and Post Closing Update: New Doc Sort Options, Unread Messages, and More

Posted February 14, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Check out these highlights for our upcoming update to Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing. These changes should go live Tuesday, Feb. 19 and will be available for customer testing beginning Thursday, Feb. 14. 

New sort options for closing documents.

If your document prep system provides a stacking order for closing documents, we display documents in that order under a new column for the stacking order labeled, SO. You can now click on the header of each column to sort as preferred. The recommended columns include stacking order, method, or status.

Document types are now linked.

On the Documents page, you’ll now be able to click on individual document types to view the Document Details page. This change makes it easier to view details of each document type without moving off the page.

You can now see if a message has been read.

We now track at an organization level if a message has been read or unread. A new white ticker next to Messages under Loans shows you how many unread messages your organization has for that loan. When any person in your organization views the messages, the ticker will be cleared. This number is not visible for the other party. You should still mark messages as needing explicit acknowledgement where needed.

Settlement agents can no longer change the signing method.

To prevent confusion when e-signing and e-notary are not available for a particular loan, we restricted settlement agents from changing an Ink Sign/Notary-labeled document to E-Sign/E-Notary.

New e-closing tutorial helps you get started with our e-closing service.

The new e-closing tutorial shows settlement agents and notaries how to get started with e-closing loans. When you click on the Documents page and Closing for the first time, you’re presented with this tutorial. You’ll find a video, tip sheet, and a link to request training.

E-closing resources can now be found under Help & Support. 

Under Help & Support, you’ll now find videos and added information to our guides and tip sheets that cover e-closing in Simplifile.

More filters have been added for disclosure notifications.

On the Notifications page, you’ll find more filters for notifications based on specific events for Disclosures.  You can choose which type of event you want to be notified on down to a granular detail.  The available areas within any of the disclosure notifications include:

  • Section A
  • Section B/C
  • Section D
  • Section E
  • Section F
  • Section G
  • Section H
  • Section I
  • Section J
  • Section K
  • Section L
  • Section M
  • Section N
  • Cash to Close

New filters have been added for Document Attributes.

For added flexibility, you’ll find more filters for notifications based on event processing for Document Attributes.

The filters on Document Attributes are available for the following document notification types:

  • Document Uploaded
  • Document Placeholder Added
  • Loan Document Download

New filters available to choose:

  • Preliminary Title Package
  • Closing Document
  • Needs Signing
  • Recording Document

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update.

Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. Have an idea? Check out the Community Forum button in the bottom left of your Simplifile. This is where our customers share ideas, vote on suggestions, and find out what we’re working on.