Invite Third-parties to Download Recorded Documents

Posted February 25, 2020 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips

Sometimes you need to send recorded documents to parties who don’t use Simplifile. You can easily do this from within Simplifile by sending a single-use link to selected documents that the recipient can download. This feature avoids problems with email attachment sizes and provides a more auditable way to see how your recorded documents have been shared.

To send download links, the account’s e-recording administrator must activate the feature within the Submission Preparation page under Organization and Services. Check “Allow users to send single-use recorded document download links to external addresses”. You’ll need to acknowledge the change.

By default, only e-recording administrators can send emailed download links. In order to make the feature available to other users the, E-record E-mail External Package Link permission needs to be added to a custom role. For information about adding custom roles click here (you must be logged in and authenticated to use this link).

Sending Download Links

To email a download link via the Packages page, click the email icon under Actions.

To email a download link from the Package Details page, click the Actions… button and select the Email download link option.

Clicking either option will launch Email package download link. Enter the contact information for the recipient and select the documents you wish to make available. Then, click Send.

The Recipient Experience 

The recipient will receive an email similar to the one shown below.

The recipient should click the link in the email only when they’re ready to download documents. For security reasons, this link will only work one time, and will expire after five days.

Clicking the link will open a web page like the one shown below.

The viewer has three options:

  • Download selected documents as a ZIP file
  • Merge selected documents into a single PDF
  • Download each document individually as PDFs

Once the page is closed, they will no longer be able to access it so a new link would need to be sent.