Jan. 21 Collaboration and Post Closing Update: Access Documents Faster and Clarifying Messages

Posted January 17, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Check out these highlights for our upcoming update to Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing. These changes should go live Monday evening, Jan. 21 and will be available for customer testing beginning Friday, Jan. 17.

Get to closing documents faster.

If there are closing documents attributed to a loan, you’ll now be automatically placed in the Closing tab when you access Documents. This feature saves you clicks and gets you to the information you need faster.


Quickly find loans that need documents uploaded.

When selecting loan filters, you’ll find new options under Work Items. When you select Needs Review or Pending Items, you’ll be presented with the additional option of Documents to Upload. This filter helps you narrow down loans that need documents added.


We’ve updated notary contact requirements.

When adding a Notary under Add Contact, you will now be required to either search and select from an existing notary in our database or create a new organization for that notary. If the notary is an individual, you’ll still be required to input an organization name (it can be the name of the individual).

We clarified wording on page count comparisons.

We changed the text on the Documents page for page counts with closing packages. For example, where it previously read, "Your package has 23 documents over your original closing pages. Please ensure that the closing pages have been flagged correctly and that the closing package is correct." The new message reads, "The original documents flagged as ink contained 23 pages. The Fully Executed Lender Package document you uploaded contains 22 pages. Make sure the page count is correct."


Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update.

Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. Have an idea? Check out the Community Forum button in the bottom left of your Simplifile. This is where our customers share ideas, vote on suggestions, and find out what we’re working on.