July 8 Collaboration and Post Closing Update: New Tips Added and General Improvements

Posted July 05, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Check out these highlights for our update to Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing. These changes should go live Monday, July 8 and will be available for customer testing beginning Friday, July 5. 

Hover tips added and other improvements to usability.

You’ll find a variety of tips added when you hover your cursor over items throughout the program.

You’ll now see tips when hovering over the Contacts button on the Contacts page. You’ll also see information when hovering over a role that is already assigned. 

The Loan Info page now has a tip explaining the header name.

On the Disclosures page you’ll find tips when hovering over CD Preview, Collaborate, and the Net Funds tabs. You’ll also see instructions when hovering over the summary of Resolve Fees and individual fee detail sections.

We updated the text color for Click to Open on loan cards to make it easier to see.

We improved the workflow when using Launch Solex for e-closings. 

We changed the text and workflow for the Launch Solex button on the Closing tab for e-closings. If there are documents that need to be downloaded, the button will appear with the text Download Documents which will guide you in completing an e-closing. You’ll find a tip when hovering over the button that says: Click here to download documents for closing. If borrower e-sign is complete, it will only download ink documents. If borrower e-sign is incomplete, it will download all. After documents have downloaded, the button text will switch to Begin E-Signing, guiding you to the next steps for e-closing the loan.

We enhanced Net Funds options for fee collaboration.

To improve fee collaboration, we added options under the Net Funds tab to include sections E, H, L, and K. Custom fee sets now allow for net fund defaults to be set to credit or debit on fees in Sections A, B/C, E, F, G, H, J (lender credits and tolerance cure), K & L or K (refinance loan). If a negative amount is added to a fee, Simplifile will now flip fees from their default to the opposite column, credits become debits and vice versa. The fee is not shown in negative on the Net Funds page.

Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. Have an idea? Check out the Community Forum button in the bottom left of your Simplifile. This is where our customers share ideas, vote on suggestions, and find out what we’re working on.