Service Spotlight: E-closing Completion Status

Posted August 31, 2020 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates


For any e-closing, it is the responsibility of the agent or notary closing the loan to confirm the e-sign is complete by all signers as part of the signing ceremony. If this step is not followed, it may be required to re-close the entire loan because not all closing documents were completed.


You may verify the loan e-sign status in real-time on the closing workflow tab or using the QR code found in the closing package.

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E-signing Status


A "Complete" status at the top of the closing workflow tab or on the Closing Status page means that e-signing is complete by all signers.


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An "Incomplete" status means one or more of the signing parties have not completed e-signing. Simplifile displays the individual signer statuses. All signers must be in a "Complete" status to finish the closing.

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At Closing

When the signers arrive at the closing and they have completed e-signing, simply obtain the remaining ink signatures. When e-sign is incomplete, ask the borrower to sign using their own device via the email sent by the lender. You may also launch the signing platform and share your device by selecting the orange e-sign task or select borrower e-sign needed action.

Note: All signers that need to e-sign will be listed in the At Closing section. All signers individual status need to be marked as complete as well as the overall e-sign status to complete the e-closing.

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When completed the e-sign status will update to complete.

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Once the e-sign status is complete, scan all ink signed documents as a single merged PDF. Access the loan and select the orange After Closing needed task and upload the ink signed closing package. Lastly, follow the closing instructions for returning the original inked signed documents to the lender.

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