Stamping Updates Help Counties Save Time

Posted July 17, 2019 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips, Updates

We’ve added a few new features to stamps, making them easier to manage and saving counties time. You can now require specific stamps to be placed on documents before recording can be completed. This requirement can be applied to all documents, or to a limited range of document types based on your preference. Attempting to record a document without a required stamp will display an error and force the reviewer to include the stamp before proceeding.

This feature ensures that documents are not accepted without required stamps, eliminating the need to reprocess documents once the missing stamp is discovered. In cases where a stamp isn’t needed, there’s an ability for county staff to bypass the requirement. Staff with bypass permission will see a warning regarding the missing stamp, but can proceed.

Another new feature limits the number of times a stamp can be used based on your criteria (e.g. once, twice, 10 times, etc.). Once a limit has been put in place, users will receive a warning when attempting to use the stamp beyond the limit.

Contact Simplifile Support to have any changes made to your stamp or user configuration.

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