Top Four Reasons to Love the New Packages Page

Posted June 15, 2018 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Big changes are coming to Packages in Simplifile beginning Monday, June 18. Here are the top four improvements you have to look forward to: 


  1.  Sorting and Filtering
    All of your organization’s packages can now be viewed from the main Packages page. Use the new Filter Applied option on the top left to search and sort packages by submitter, recipient, status, date, name, last modified by, and more.

  2. Page Settings
    You can now control the default organization, number of recipients shown, and chime sounds for recorded or rejected packages from the Packages page. Simply click the gear on the top left.

  3. Disable Auto Refresh
    If you’ve ever been working deep in packages and the page refreshes to keep data current, we’ve heard your pain. You can now disable the auto-refresh feature by clicking on the refresh icon in the top right of the Packages table. 

  4. Show or Hide Columns
    You now have control over which columns appear on the Packages page. Click the columns icon in the top right of the table and you can select or deselect the columns you’d like to see: name, status, submitter, retrieved, and more.

You’ll be guided through all the changes to Packages in Simplifile once the update rolls out to you. We think you’ll be happy with the new options and layout.